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Artifact: Sample Storage Container, Apollo Lunar Soil Fines, Lunar Receiving Lab (LRL)

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Identifier: A20130013
Artifact Category: Mission Support Equipment
Period of Employment: July 24 1969 to January 1 1972
Manufacturer: Polar Ware Co.

Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 9.0 x 7.25 Inches
Weight: 2.62 Pounds
Flight Vehicle System or Component: Scientific Payload/Experimentation
Program: Apollo
Flown Status: Unflown

Container utilized to store and manipulate lunar soil samples returned by the Apollo crew while retained under vacuum at the Houston Texas based Lunar Receiving Laboratory. (LRL). The container was employed to handle Apollo 11 and 12 samples, and was subsequently retired as new container technology was introduced by the LRL staff.

Stainless steel was utiilzed to reduce the possility of contamination.

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