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Artifact: Control Panel, #5, Apollo Lunar Module Ascent Stage

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Identifier: A20130004
Artifact Category: Spacecraft Hardware
Period of Employment: January 22 1968 to December 14 1972
Manufacturer: Grumman Aircraft Corporation
NASA Contract Number: NAS9-1100
Spacecraft/Launch Systems: Lunar Module

Aluminum, Copper, Beta Cloth, High Temperature RTV

Dimensions: 14 x 9 inches
Weight: 4 Pounds (Estimated)
Flight Vehicle System or Component: Controls and Displays
Program: Apollo
Flown Status: Unflown

An Apollo Lunar Module Control Panel (#5) which was mounted in the spacecraft's Ascent (upper) stage. The panel includes beta cloth wrapped electrical umbilicals however most switches have been removed (likely the result of canibilization to support another flight panel).

Panel 5 contains lighting and mission timer controls, engine start and stop pushbuttons, and an X-translation pushbutton. The Descent Rate Switch (DES RATE) permitted establishing the LM rate of descent under the Primary Guidance Navigation System (PGNS) control in fixed increments. Each switch actuation provided a discrete pulse, changing the rate of descent by 1 foot per second. The Engine STOP pushbutton provided discrete stop signals to the Descent and Ascent engines, independent of the Engine Arm switch, except when in abort sequence. The Engine START pushbutton (installed immediately below the Engine Stop) permitted immediate manual firing of the Descent or Ascent engine, depending upon setting of the Engine Arm switch. The TIMER CONTROL Switch provided discrete signals to the Mission Timer indicator and the Slew Control provided slewing functions for setting the time in Minutes and Seconds respectively (Flight panels also included an Hour setting toggle). The OVERRIDE ANUN switch provided full voltage bypass of Caution and Warning array and the component caution light portion of the ANUM/NUM control.

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